It is finally live folks!! After much hard work and lots of editing fixes (both typographical and printer formatting issues) the Trilogy is now available on The price is $15.49 USD.  I am excited about this folks! My thanks to all of you who have supported me thus far.

WRS Trilogy E-book Cover 082316 FB Continue reading



I have finally got all the formatting done on Wind River Sanctuary Trilogy and Beautiful Valley. I submitted the books for review last evening. This morning I received the confirmation that the books passed the technical side of the proofing. I looked at the digital proofs and they looked good BUT I ordered the regular paperback versions just to be sure everything looks like I want them to look like. SO I should have my proofs by Oct 3. I’ll let everyone know what happens. Really excited right now. I’ll post the links as soon as I know everything is perfect.

Running a Wind River Sanctuary Trilogy Promotion Starting October 1, 2016

Good day folks, Just an update on my Wind River Trilogy promotion. I had to enroll this book in the KDP program in order to be able run any promotions. My first promotion will run from October 1 through October 8, 2016. It will be an incremental promotion, meaning the initial price will be $0.99, then raise to about $1.99, then finally back to the ‘original’ price of $2.99. (I had to raise my price from $2.50 to $2.99 to be able to run the promotion). I am probably going to raise the prices on the original Wind River Sanctuary series back to $1.99 so I can run promotions on them as well.

I have to have the books enrolled in the KDP program for 30 days before any promotions can be run. Have a great day. Joy and Peace to all of you who follow me.

Beautiful Valley and Wind River Sanctuary Updates!!

Beautiful Valley

Happy Endings and Exciting New Adventures


Finished BV Cover - Small FB size

The last book in the Wind River Sanctuary Series AND the first book in the brand new Drakor-Kin Series!! Josh and his family and friends discover a lost POW camp just barely a hundred miles from their beloved Sanctuary. This is no ordinary prisoner of war camp though. It dates back to an ancient war between beings far older than the oldest civilizations on earth. The Valley is out of phase with the rest of Earth. A place existing outside of time and space. A place that was deliberately manipulated to contain the losers in a long forgotten space war. Come along with Josh and friends as they rescue Dreyoth and his people from the clutches of the vicious Nix.

Beautiful Valley is now available on Amazon. The pricing is $0.99 USD.  Preview sample chapters:

Wind River Sanctuary Trilogy

All three of my original Wind River Sanctuary Books in a single book format.

Go back to the beginning of the Wind River Sanctuary Series and see how the Sanctuary started and why. Follow Josh, Sioux, and their families and friends as they search for each other, find each other, and live to learn from the horrors and tortures of their past. Watch as the Core Team grows and matures into caring and compassionate people, protecting and helping to rebuild the lives of the victims of Catherine’s brutal sex slave ring.


WRS Trilogy E-book Cover 082316 FB

Also, I have re-edited my original Wind River Sanctuary series in a single, easy to find single book box set. I named the set Wind River Trilogy.  It is sold on Amazon for $2.99. If I can figure out how to run a promotion on the single books I will but I have permanently reduced their original prices by 50%. The single book price is still a bit more than the Box Set price. Read the Preview Chapters here. 



Beautiful Valley is Finished!


It is finished. Beautiful Valley is finished and I have the cover completed. Next thing is to write the blurb-description and publish the finished product. I now know the New Series Title; it will be the Drakor-Kin Series. The message is: A Happy Ending – An Exciting New Beginning. Beautiful Valley is a transition book. Beautiful Valley introduces the Drakor and their Kin. The Drakor are an ancient race that were defeated in battle against the renegade Nix, a rogue group of even more ancient civilization. The Drakor in their native forms are dragon shape shifters. The Nix manipulated, mutilated, and perverted on a cellular level the ability of the Drakor to change forms or leave their prison – Beautiful Valley. They are without hope and can only wish for the death that will never claim them.

When they receive a disguised message from the ever watchful Mountain and his charges – Sioux and her Command Team, the Drakor survivors hope against hope that these new beings will be able to help them escape their prison and assist them in rescuing the lost souls of the survivors’ mates.

Most of the original crew from Wind River Sanctuary – Finding Sanctuary will be heading off to a new planet in the next book. Some of might remember that Josh, Sioux, Jim, and Jack were the original core group; then as the story progressed Jan, Olinka and her husband and daughter, Bess (Jim’s wife), Viv (Jack’s wife), and the General were added. Toby and Gray Dove and Rich and Elana came next along with Tlaloc and Chelsie.  In the new series, Tlaloc, Chelsie, Hap (the General) and his new soul-mate, Rich and Elana, and Toby and Grey Dove will be staying on earth to represent and lead the now fully functioning Wind River Sanctuary. Josh, Sioux, Jim and Bess, Jack and Viv, Dreyoth and Jan, Lillie and Quinoth, and Cal and Luella will be heading to Neptune to establish the new Drakor-Kin colony and first interplanetary Sanctuary.

I’ve done something I rarely do…

Hello to all my friends, family, and followers;

This week I did something I haven’t done since I started writing my stories – I concluded one book and made some changes to it because quite frankly Jan Niblock, one of my very favorite people and a darn good editor, brought some glaring discrepancies to my attention. I hope I fixed the relationship issues so Dreyoth and Jan can be together without my readers wondering what the heck happened to my true-soul-mate scene near the beginning of the book. While it’s not so unusual for me to drastically change some scenes or add an additional chapter, it is unusual for me to start another book before I get the previous one published. It sure surprised the heck out of me when I had this need to start another book so soon. The working title so far is New Beginnings. I am still not sure what to call the new series as it won’t be happening at the Wind River Sanctuary any more. In fact, most of the action will be taking place on a new home world called Uranus. Yes, one of our solar system’s larger and further out planets. I see more science fiction and paranormal things happening to our brave band of Avengers-Protectors.

Beautiful Valley (?WRS #4) opens up some interesting new story lines for future books. I envision Josh and his Companions earning and learning about their new abilities, shape shifting forms, and each other in their quest to rid the Universe of the Nix Darkness. While Josh and Sioux will still have their most loyal and original Core Teams, the reader will be introduced to several new members of the colonization crew. It appears now that some of Josh’s own family will be joining him and the others on Uranus. I look forward to meeting all the new characters and finding out how they will deal with the surprises awaiting for them in space.

Now the next big step in getting Beautiful Valley published is creating the book cover. I am not sure what it will look like yet but kind of imagine something along the lines of the previous WRS book covers with maybe a dragon with wings wide open. Anyway, enough for now. Talk to all of you soon. Thank you to all my readers for all you do for me.

Today’s Ramblings

Ramblings for Now

I am tired…physically, mentally, and I’m not sure but maybe Spiritually. I have been too long in cities. I can no longer think, breath, or feel. I am cut off from everything I love and long for – Nature, love, companionship, and family. I am surrounded by people whom I call friends but they are not. I won’t allow them to be friends. They are acquaintances I have concerns about; who frustrate me; and pull on my Spirit until I am weary and exhausted. I feel guilty when I choose not to be around them but I know I must for my own health – mental and physical. I have no longer have any place to fill my Spiritual Wells with peace and tranquility.

This city is, or rather has become, very toxic for me. It is much too hot this time of year. I long to be outside working in my garden or fields but this heat saps all my strength and energy. I feel as though I need to nourish the Earth instead of it nourishing and sustaining me. I am like a fish out of water. I need the land but this place is desperate for and in need of its own nourishing and replenishment. I don’t know how to help it. There is no rain, only the ever-present dry hot winds. Winds that pull what little moisture there is in the atmosphere away from the precious trees and plants that would use the moisture to help rebuild the land and restore the necessary balance.

It is humanities’ fault? Possibly, but there are many reasons for the Earth’s current condition. Yes. Humanity is a huge part of that imbalance. We create more waste than the Earth can process, thus over-stimulating some processes and delaying or destroying other processes. We live beyond our needs – not that I’m saying we should not live a good and plentiful life, just a more considerate and careful one.

We think ourselves better and more important than the other beings that share our world. We destroy habitats that shelter and provide sustenance for other beings just so our exploding population can build more houses, factories, office buildings, and other support units in which to dwell and work. Humans must soon realize that we cannot continue in this self-destructive cycle before it is too late.

We must become more aware of those around us – whatever species they are. We think we are a civilized people when in fact we are murderous barbaric monsters. We are full of greed, lust, over-indulgence. We are predators who not only hunt other species but those humans we perceive as weaker than ourselves. We take what we desire without regard for others. Corporations and governments alike have no qualm about shafting, undercutting, or using violence to obtain their bottom lines for the Elite few. Companies and government feel they have no moral or ethical need to ensure those who work for them are suitably compensated for their time and efforts. When a person is no longer necessary or able to do the work load assigned to them, companies and governments willingly replace that individual with one who, many times, agree to work at a lower wage and do more tasks than their predecessor. Why? Mostly because they need the job.

Don’t get me wrong. I know that there have always been those people who have preyed on others; who have hunted them for sport or business; who have taken from others so they themselves could live more comfortably; but the difference now is there are several billion more people who need sustenance now than ever before while there are fewer resources to share. With these conditions, the strong – the rich – the powerful – the greedy – those in charge, have more opportunities to take from those weaker and less resilient than they are. They hoard precious resources saving those things for themselves and their powerful friends. In doing this, they not only hurt the weak but themselves in the end.

We don’t need any outside interference as many science fiction-horror-paranormal books suggest to destroy us, we are and will continue doing that just fine by ourselves. If we don’t learn to live together and make this – our Planet – a safer, more prosperous place for everyone, then there will be nothing left for anyone.

I know I am not alone in feeling like I’m drowning in my life. We all need to have a certain amount of time alone with nature to think, to rejuvenate, to heal not only ourselves but our Planet as well. I just hope that in the next few months I’ll be able to find my place again before I too can no longer carry out my mission and succumb to the pressures of a dying world.

I ask all the Holy Ones to help me find my special place again for I have lost it and don’t know where to look for it. I ask all the Holy Ones to show me the way I must travel to become one with them again. I ask that they grant us the time to mature enough to take the next step in our evolution. I ask that we learn, remember, and obey an Ancient Honor Code for many honorable societies – The Strong will protect and provide for the weak; The Rich will take care of those who make it possible for them to have their riches; The Warrior is kind and merciful in their work; The Weak do what they are capable of doing to the best of their abilities; The Clerics work together to promote peace and goodwill toward all species; The Governments stand by their people and provide protection and services to ensure all residents are safe, healthy, and have a place to live and food on their tables. We all need to work together today to provide for tomorrow because the results if we don’t is the extinction of all of us.